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At Tecnología Inmobiliaria S.A. we lease our own properties such as corporate offices, warehouses for storage or industrial use, and commercial premises.


AV CALLE 100 # 19 – 54

12th Floor and Mezzanine Primetower

1.693,13 mt²

Office located at Calle 100

with carrera 19, in our

Prime Tower building



Siberia area by highway

to Medellín and Vía Cota-Funza.

Warehouse | PES Siberia

17.634,24 mt²

Spectacular high-rise cellars with multiple piers, a fire detection and extinguishing systems and much more.


Calle 100 8A-55

Retail WTC 147A

50,01 mt²

Excellent place located in the

prestigious World Trade Center

overlooking 100th street

50 years leasing our own corporate properties in Bogotá

We are a company that offers a wide catalog of corporate properties made to meet today’s business needs.

Tecnología Inmobiliaria has an important trajectory in the real estate market and is characterized by the seriousness and transparency that it gives to each of the businesses that are raised.

Martha Gómez Palacios
Senior Consultant, Colliers International Colombia S.A.

Our experience is positive. Business can be done in a clear, simple and transparent manner. They generate trust with their clients and allies due to the seriousness, responsibility and quality with which they develop projects. Tecni does what it says.

Henry Gaona Carrillo
Transaction Manager, PIX Consultores Inmobiliarios Corporativas

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